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Should You Try Flotation Therapy?

If Mitch Jordan’s new BMW had suffered a hit-and-run accident eight months ago, the venture capitalist owner near Pasadena, California, would have fumed. “I would have felt such resentment and anger toward whoever this person was,” imagines Jordan, 48, whose last name has been changed to protect his privacy. But when that very scenario happened […]

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Looking Back On 2014

What a wonderful year 2014 has been professionally: *After 30 years of running my own research center, I completed my first full year as Chief  at Clinical Trials of Texas with clinical studies in: Major Depression, Bipolar Depression, Adult  ADHD, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Alzheimer’s Disease. *Lectured and Learned about Major Depressive Disorder, Importance of Treatment […]

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Dealing with Combat Related PTSD Presentation Applauded

I was honored to be one of three Master Lecturers at the PURE LATAM (Psychiatric Updates by Regional Experts — Latin America) Conference in Santiago, Chile this past weekend, speaking to 600 psychiatrists. In addition there was a live webcast to: Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua & the Caribbean. My presentations on “Managing Depression to […]

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