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Dr. Harry Croft :: Radio
Dr. Croft is a regular guest/expert on national and worldwide radio networks. Here is a sampling of audio and transcripts from interviews with popular radio hosts on a variety of stations.

Clear Channel Radio

 Naval Yard Shooting 

National Public Radio

Reversals In Hard-Won Iraqi City Vex Veterans

Headline News Network – Dr. Drew

 PTSD and Multiple Deployments

Web Talk Radio

 Championship Thinking In Sports: How to coach athlete with ADHD


 Understanding PTSD

Fox News Radio

 Army: PTSD treatable; some diagnosed return to war

BBC Radio

 Afgan rampage prompts PTSD debate in US military town


 New regulations ease veterans’ access to health care

NBC News

 One Inch: death in combat hinges on the tiniest margins

Sirus XM: Bloomberg Radio

 What Is PTSD?

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