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Dr. Croft speaks to doctors at a conference in Orlando, Florida on "PTSD In The Workplace" in Orlando.

Dr. Croft speaks at a medical conference in Orlando, Florida on “PTSD In The Workplace”.

What people are saying about Dr. Croft’s presentations on PTSD…




saying-icon“I have heard many presenters on the subject but never with such clarity that all can understand. Nothing but great feedback.”

Rodney E. Leonard
Veteran Services Representative-South
U.S. Office of Personnel Management


saying-icon“Excellent, he is enthusiastic and inspired, any topic would be interesting!”

 “Very good speaker, knew how to hold my attention”

 “Dr. Croft gave the best lecture of the series”

 “Thank you, your lecture made me feel more comfortable with the diagnosis” “Strong presentation – first lecture on topic in years.”

 “Best presentation in 5 years – Dr. Croft bridged the technical means to the fundamental ends.”

  “Pick of the litter – best lecturer of the conference.”

 “Very unique understanding of the topic – thanks for getting him to lecture.”

 “He was great, sincere, and engaging!” “Animated and humorous, I really enjoyed it!” “Fantastic use of humor to teach (about a serious subject) very effective presentation,


Texas Academy of Family Practice – Dallas / Houston
Total Participants  1000 physicians
Overall Evaluation Average (1-5) = 4.63


saying-icon“It has been the pleasure of Primary Care Network (PCN) to work with Dr. Harry Croft over the past ten years.  PCN is a not-for-profit ACCME accredited medical education company that develops and provides continuing medical education (CME) for primary care clinicians.  Over the years, Dr. Croft has served as a distinguished member of our faculty, developing and presenting compelling education to thousands of physicians and other healthcare providers.

Most recently, we asked Dr. Croft to present an educational session at our conferences called Best Practices in Primary Care on the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our conferences take place in major metropolitan areas around the US, and have over 400 healthcare providers in the audience.  We asked Dr. Croft to make these presentations as we have heard from PCN’s membership of over 150,000 clinicians that PTSD is an important topic for them to learn more about to be able to provide better treatment for their patients.

“On May 17 Dr. Croft delivered an outstanding presentation to our audience of over 450 healthcare providers.  The evaluation results of the presentation were outstanding, with a 99% excellent rating.  In addition, the healthcare providers reported they will make the following changes in their clinical practice as a result of this education:

90% felt the education helped them to be able to identify common symptoms of combat related PTSD
89% reported the education helped them to create strategies to treat the symptoms of PTSD
89% reported the education helped them to identify the common misconceptions of PTSD
88% reported the education helped them to identify comorbid conditions of PTSD

These rates of change in clinical practice are outstanding, and will help to improve outcomes for those patients with PTSD, and also for their families and support systems.  The importance of providing this education is critical at this time, for our country, returning vets, and their loved ones. 

We hope to continue our contribution by providing additional education to primary care providers, who are on the ‘front lines’ of healthcare.”

Sandy Bihlmeyer, MEd, CCMEP
Executive Director
Primary Care Network


saying-icon“The feedback forms showed that your content and delivery were rated consistently “5”s out of 1-5 scale. You have made a strong impact on all who attended, and I know the information you shared will serve to assist and support hundreds of veterans in the workplace currently or pursuing their civilian opportunity”

Karen K. Ivy, Ph.D. Candidate, GCDF
SACUCCA Event Chair
University of Texas at San Antonio


saying-icon“Your knowledge of the subject matter is absolutely outstanding. Your candid and friendly way of how you present the message is also very unique. You speak from your mind with great knowledge and from your heart with the compassion and understanding the energizes your audience to want to ‘step up to the plate’ because you have armed them with the knowledge they can understand and use while assisting Veterans and their Families in the course of their work.”

San Antonio Coalition for Veterans

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